Round Table Machines

Flexible solutions for small or large series

Customers of assembly and handeling machines expect high production speed with top quality, but with high flexibility, low investment and high recyclability.

These allegations are not new and was the guiding principle in the development of flexible assembly machines for engineering company Lanco (former OKU) in Baden-Württemberg Winterbach already 40 years ago,

What resulted was machine series Okumat! and the subsequent advanced concepts machine Lean Cell and Quick Cell. In these machines, the user is solely responsible for the introduction of the particular know-how, so its specific needs can be met.

Nowadays, many companies are no longer in a position to spare time and personnel for development results and tests of machine projects. A major trend in the automation of production processes is that customers put more responsibility on the supplier to develop and provide improved solutions.

To meet these needs, Lanco today expanded its range of services and gives so even FMEA analysis or qualification of assembly plants. The success confirms that this concept, Oku-machine meets great demand both at home and abroad.

Lanco Rotating Assembly Machines

Rotary indexing system
The classic that started it all. To this day, this system is unmatched for solving many assembly problems. The OKUMAT system is comprised from four basic units of different size with a central drive. Eight, twelve , sixteen or twenty-four assembly stations may be arranged around the basic unit. The cam drive system guarantees exact synchronization of the main movements which run continuously thus enabling reliable operation of up to 120 cycle sequences per minute. Check stations can be integrated at any point – an optimum quality assurance for your production. All station units can also be used separately with autonomous drive for semi-automatic assembly tasks .
The consistent standardization and the basic idea of the modular building block system allow virtually unlimited
possibilities of use. Thus investment is reduced and delivery times shortened. The OKUMAT-systems are extremely
resistant to wear, easy to maintain, and clearly organized while having an extensive working life.

The continuous Motion assembly machine
is particularly suitable for mounting
plastic closures for the packaging and food industries.

The flexible assembly machine allows for
example, integration of a servo press
for precise pressing the valve seats.

Variants of rotating assembly machines

  • Okumat
    The basic machine that started it all
  • Lean Cell

    a simpler assembly machine

  • Quick Cell
    a continuous rotating assembly machine
  • Clean Cell
    Assembly machines for clean rooms

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