Flow regulator

Solutions for managing production flows

Inprosy offers a set of automation solutions for production lines. These solutions are designed to:
Balance the production sequence between workstations.
2. Merge lines and coordinate their delivery cycles.
3. Turn over and clean or disinfect containers.
Manage the differences in cycle time for products moving between workstations along the same conveyor belt.
All these solutions are completely adaptable to the customer’s requirements.

Dynamic Flow Control (DFR)

DFR is designed to balance the manufacturing speeds of two consecutive workstations on the same production line and, more importantly, to absorb most inefficiencies caused by their potentially different or variable cycle times or by any short machine stops that may occur.

DFR enables production lines to work with the planned cycle times to achieve the highest productivity during available operating time, as it compensates for all possible machine stops with its dynamic accumulation capacity. This can be achieved with the DFR because it automatically accumulates products when the subsequent downstream workstation stops and releases them back to the production line when normal operating conditions are restored.

DFR is manufactured in sizes that are adapted to your production.

DFR is manufactured in sizes that are adapted to your production.

Cleaning and disinfection

Inprosys Cleaning and Disinfection System (RI) is a device that receives containers in a continuous flow, holds and transports them individually and turns them to enable cleaning and cleaning or disinfection.

These units can be adapted to the specific needs of each case, both in the height and orientation of the product-in and product-out interfaces, as well as in the exact way in which products are held along the path.

Telescopic conveyor belts

Inprosys telescopic gates (TD) are devices that open a temporary passage through production lines or conveyor belts, in a simple and safe way and with minimal interruption in the production flow.

They are specially designed for industrial environments where the line’s current layout creates barriers for staff, which causes loss of time and reduces efficiency.

Inprosys telescopic gates are fully configurable and adaptable to customer requirements and are easy to install and require low maintenance.

Joining conveyors

The line unifier (UL) enables the combination of two or more production lines or conveyor belts and delivery to a single subsequent workstation.

They are designed to receive products from different production lines, with different or irregular cycle times and deliver them with a regular and stable clock time to the next workstation.

If you are thinking about the type of system to be used for your particular product, contact us for a discussion.