Linear assembly system

The suitable cycle for your success!

Depending on the type of industry and task, the requirements are often different. Therefore, Lanco offers unique solutions: From simple, clearly arranged assembly machines to complex, linked, high-technology assembly lines our experts develop customized solutions. In this way we assure you best possible profitability of your production line.

Lanco Linear indexing system

The linear indexing system offers all the advantages of the proven rotary table system – in linear extension. The maximum number of 24 stations of the rotary indexing system is not sufficient to accomplish all assembly project requirements . Therefore, the Lanco linear indexing system takes advantage of the flexibi lity offered by the arrangement of station units. In this way several operations can be carried out at the same time in one fixture and within one cycle.

The solid central drive has been derived from the proven rotary indexing system. A cam gear provides absolute repetitive accuracy of the horizontal and vertical movements. The linear indexing system is ideal for work pieces to be assembled to a total weight of 2 kg. The performance of the frequency controlled drive amounts to more than 60 cycles per minute. This system also stands out for its easy maintenance, clearly arranged design and long production life.

Flexible Linear assembly, (U shaped)

Classical – The roller chain

Flexibly attached work-piece fixture pallets on a standard roller chain
The individual fixture pallets are indexed on each machining station
Advance mechanism devices driven by a Globoid stepping gear
Maintenance-free slideway of the fixture pallets
Incremental dimension 127 mm
High positioning accuracy
Performance up to 55 work cycles per minute

Innovative – The precision chain for highest performance

Specially developed work-piece – fixture pallets as chain links
No stationary indexing device
Highest precision by guide devices that can be pre-tensioned
Exemplary running smoothness
Best suitability for fast advancing strokes
Maximum assembly clearance in all 3 space axes with protruding design of the work-piece pallet
Roller bearing guide system of the work-piece fixture pallets
Advance mechanism driven by a Globoid stepping gear
Incremental dimension 127 mm
High positioning accuracy
Performance up to 80 work cycles per minute

Flexible – The loosely circulating work-piece pallets

Individual pallets are advanced by a mechanically controlled cam drive
Indexing of the pallets on each machining station
Roller bearing guide system of the work-piece pallets
Discharge and advance of the work-piece pallets of the conveying system is carried out in-line
Maximum of application options for cycle time decouplings
Incremental dimension 127 / 254 mm
High positioning accuracy
Performance up to 45 work cycles per minute

Flexible linear indexing system

For real complexity, Lanco’s engineers have developed the f lexible linear system – as an optimum solution for assembly problems requiring maximum flexibility. This Lanco system is particularly suitable for the assembly of multivariant products consisting of many component variations. The possibilities for adaptation are almost unlimited. For example, the spaces between the different stations are used as buffer zones so that operators can work independently of machine cycles on the manual working stations. The flexible linear indexing system can be manufactured in three basic designs:

1. In line form

The pallets advance on the assembly track to the ifferent stations and return to the start of the line in a loop below the assembly track.

2. In square form

At the end of assembly track 1, the pallets are automatically transferred to assembly track 2 running in the opposite direction. Both tracks can be utilized for manual and automatic assembly stations over their entire length . From the end of track 2, the pallets return to the start of assembly track 1 via a further transversal track.

3. In skeleton form

An extension of the square form , this system uses auxil iary belts that are connected with the two main assembly
tracks. The skeleton form is flexible without limits in construction and in combining manual work places and
automatic stations . The frame elements can be ombined as required. The highly f lexible control system as well as many peripheral building blocks, support th is durable and safe system.