Bowl feeders

The right part at the right time in the right place

We deliver everything from the simplest solutions with just one vibrating bowl to complete turnkey solutions for all types of industries.
If necessary, we build the equipment according to your specification if you so wish.

The vibrator feeders are available in sizes from Ø80 to Ø1200mm.
The bowls are available in the following materials.

  • Stainless
  • Aluminum
  • Steel
  • Fiberglass or reinforced plastic

The bowls are adapted to your components in terms of track width and pitch.
All units can be delivered with a linear feeder, bunker system and separation for a correct presentation of the parts.
If necessary, the equipment is adapted with a sound hood.
We use German-made components if nothing else is desired.

Example of a complete feeder with bunker and cross slide from Hensle

Example of a bowl feeder from MAFU.

Example of a bowl feeder with laser controol from IFC

Example of a bowl feeder from Weber

If you are thinking about the type of feeder to be used for your particular product, contact us for a discussion


WEBER Bowl-Feeder-ZEB