Bin Picking

Emptying of containers, picking

Emptying of containers, picking

The PICKLA empties containers fully automatically. Ferritic workpieces are removed using magnets. The number, shape and strength of the magnets is determined based on the size and shape of the workpieces.

The magnetic force can be adjusted. The lowering movement of the picker arm is immediately ended by a freewheeling function when the magnet is applied. The container contents are only subject to the weight of the picker arm itself. The workpieces are picked up individually or in portions and moved into the unloading position.

A part query on the magnet picker can be used to prevent faulty or empty trips; if the workpiece is lost during the lift on the Z axis, the PICKLA moves to the next picking position without an unloading movement. The PICKLA moves on a grid over the entire surface of the container contents,ensuring good removal of residue.

Once the PICKLA has reached the deepest position in the container on a grid point, the so-called search run starts. Without an unloading movement, the unit moves to the next picking position, etc. Once the entire floor of the container has been traversed without success, the PICKLA returns to its base position and signals “Container empty”. A preliminary warning “Container will be empty” can also be sent when the deepest picking position is initially reached.

The picture shows the magnet as lifts details from pallet.

The picture shows emptying in a step feeder from Schindler for sorting


The picker unloads the gripped workpieces into the unloading position of the sorter. The falling height of the workpieces is about 350 mm, depending on the workpiece. During unloading, the magnetic polarity reverses, causing a pushing effect for the suspended workpieces.

The picker only unloads workpieces when the fill level indicator in the unloading position or a full signal on the outflow of the sorter permits it. If there is a workpiece jam or a bridge in the bunker / sorter, the picker corrects this by temporarily removing workpieces from the unloading position of the sorter.

Changing containers

The loading of the picker with a full transport container, as well as the removal of the empty container, is done at ground level using a forklift or a manual lift truck. Once the full container is in place, the correctness of the position is indicated by a signal lamp. The worker closes the safety door and starts the picker by pressing a button on the control panel.

When a new full container must be provided, this is indicated in a timely manner on the column lamp (a signal can also be sent directly to materials logistics). After the safety door is opened manually, the container can be removed.

In the variant with a motor-driven safety door, the door is automatically opened when the “Container empty” signal is sent; only the closing of the door takes place upon request (remote control is possible). A reduction in cycle time when the container is being emptied with a search run, and while changing containers, cannot be avoided. To prevent downtime in the downstream processing machines, a corresponding workpiece buffer must be planned in the interlink between the PICKLA® and the processing machines, or a dual PICKLA® must be used.

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