About Us

Small info about our company


Inprotec is a supplier to the automotive industry, engineering industry and other manufacturing industries. You can find our products in industries such as automotive, medical, food, even up to Nuclear fuel handling. We represent a number of Europe’s leading manufacturers of automation and feeder equipment.

We have a customer-focused organization with over 35 years experience in the automotive industry. Our goal is to offer a professional level of automation with both machines and the knowhow of placing the product in right position at the right time with the right quality.

Through our expertise and with global suppliers, we want to give our customers an opportunity to work together to create a profit for your business.

Our Business Idea

Being able to give our customers the best solution at the lowest cost. This will be possible through long-term planning and streamlining our company, so we are ready for the up and down cycles in business.

Our Vision

To constantly seek new solutions and innovations, in order to be an obvious partner for the manufacturing industry in Sweden.

About Us

We started Inprotec during the worst recession in living memory. We found through our contacts that automation was a key issue for most companies, in order to remain competitive in the market.