Screwdriver from Weber

Below you can find different variants of screwdrivers from Weber.

The screwdrivers are available both as straight and with angled heads as well as both hand-held and fixed-mounted

The screwdrivers are available from 0.05 Nm to 200Nm

All can be delivered with different types of suspension devices, available in both aluminum or carbon fiber material.

Areas of use

Electrical components that require fast cycle times and high availability during assembly.

Screwdrivers mounted on a robot for flexibility in, for example, body mounting or similar where the robot is selected.

Via our control systems, we can complete where there are high requirements for traceability and documentation of all data for, for example, the aviation industry.

In the automotive industry, for example, where high process availability and traceability are required via our controls.

Assembly of body and hard-to-reach parts for white goods installation

Screwdrivers are often seen in sets of several that are assembled for efficient solutions and fast cycle times.

Weber’s technology also allows the smallest components for, for example, mounting circuit boards for Telecom or similar

High-performance screwdrivers both stationary and hand-held for eg mounting of frames for windows and doors

WEBER’s solutions for screwdrivers can be specified with a variety of solutions adapted to your needs.

Below are some solutions.

  • Complete with supply for blowing with air
  • Vacuum to hold the screw in deep holes
  • Drive towards length control
  • Drive towards torque control
  • Angle control
  • 30 different pre-programmed programs

Fixtured screwdrivers

The Weber SEB and SER systems have a very reliable and robust design that is now standard in the industry for fixed spindles.

SEB spindles
Designed for use in fixed installation where the screwdriver has a built-in Head stroke and Bit stroke.

SER spindles
Designed for use when a robot or cylinder will bring the spindle closer to the workpiece, the screwdriver has only one Bit stroke.

Fixtured screwdrivers

Screw technology for hard-to-reach screw locations
The fixed screwdriver SEV – Screw spindle with vacuum technology to ensure reliable attachment of fasteners in hard-to-reach places with extremely limited access. SEV is available with pneumatic drive unit or EC motor.

Customer specific spindles
The modular screwdriving system SEV allows you to integrate customer-specific drive spindles. This makes it easy to integrate SEV into existing assembly lines with existing units and control units. Subsequent conversion to WEBER components is possible at any time.

Fixtured screwdrivers

For nuts and top-heavy screws
Similar to the handheld screwdrivers HSM and HSK, WEBER offers the SEM and SEK models in the fixtured screwdriving range. The SEM variant is suitable for use with DIN-compliant nuts, flanges and special nuts. Top-heavy screws can also be installed with the SEK variant. Both models use vacuum technology to reliably supply the fasteners and have automatic feed systems.

Few moving masses
Through a fixed drive module, the number of moving masses is significantly reduced on both models. A dynamic transducer enhances this design property further. Another compelling feature of the fixtured screwdrivers SEM and SEK is their use of a reversing gear module with a compact design.

Robot screwdrivers

HRC Screwdriver (Human Robot Collaboration)
Fully cooperating automatic screwdriver thanks to the safety concept
When humans and robots work together in a workspace and efficiently without fencing, the highest level of an HRC application is achieved in accordance with ISO TS 15066.

HRC-capable screwdriver: built for light robots (cobot)
The use of cobots is made possible by the WEBER HRC System’s low weight. Screwdriving applications can be implemented with a fully automatic SEV-C and SEV-L feeding system with feed.

Robot screwdrivers

Screwdrivers for light robots (LWR) with tool changers
SEV-P is a screwdriver without automatic feed system, designed for pick & place applications. WEBER vacuum technology allows the screw to be picked up, reliably guided to the attachment point and attached with the screw spindle. Thanks to the extremely compact design, the 6 Nm spindle weighs only 1.5 kg. The screwdriver has a flange according to ISO 9409-1-50-4-M6 and is therefore suitable for adaptation to a variety of light robots.

Screwdriver technology with tool change system for work with different types of fasteners
An expandable tool change system makes it possible to integrate a variety of tools that can be used with different screwdriving programs as needed. The great advantage lies in the ability to automate assembly tasks for different fasteners.

If you are thinking about the type of screwdriver to be used for your particular product, contact us for a discussion