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Peter Fellsner

Trained as an engineer and has a history of both the automotive industry as production engineering and manufacturing engineer, and a few years as a chemical engineer. With his 30 years in the processing industry from almost all areas he has the understanding in order to work and develop production in the right way to save both time and economy .

Peter Fellsner

Sales and marketing

Switchboard: 031 761 67 00
Direct: 031 761 01 10

John Carlson

Sales and service

Switchboard: 031 761 67 00
Direct: 031 761 01 20

John Carlson

Is a trained electric engineer. After the training, he chose to work in the automotive industry. there he worked for over 20 years with everything from production, production engineering and manufacturing engineering. He was also production supervisor for 7 years.
he have always had a strong interest in technology.
Right from childhood, he picked apart machines to see how things o things work, it taught him how to troubleshoot and solve problems that arise.
With this experience from production machines and various suppliers, it felt like a natural step to start Inprotec and start selling production machinery.

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