Spring feeder

Feeders for all types of springs

Springs are one of the most difficult things to feed and separate, which is why we are proud to represent MAFU, which is one of Europe’s best automation companie for spring feeding and separation.

MAFU is an established specialist in feeding difficult components such as springs, segregations, O-rings and other tangled products.

Equipment and machines from MAFU are designed to sort out difficult and tangled mass-produced parts to the correct position for machining or assembly.

Parts that are most often included in these groups are locking rings, spring rings, coil springs with closed ends, tension springs with closed loops, and disc springs, but also springs with open ends can be sorted with these machines. Mafu’s solutions automate even the most difficult operations.

Typical operations that MAFU can solve:

Most small parts are delivered as bulk goods, e.g. springs, pins, sleeves, screws, rivets, spring rings and curved wire sections, often strongly interconnected and thus very difficult to separate. MAFU feeding technology automates and accelerates this process, even with parts that can usually only be separated by hand. Up to 99% of all parts can be disassembled and delivered to the correct position.


MAFU chooses the best functional principle for separation to each individual solution from a variety of possibilities. This is then implemented in MAFU feed technology via separation tools such as,, multi-heads, synchronized side feed, manual separation with grippers or handling systems.


With MAFU Drum feed technology, the components are transferred around the drum and fall down on a linear track part will then pass-through tunnels and out to next operation.
This means that the parts need to pass mechanically and incorrect shapes are rejected back.

Feeding with more outlets

The technical principle for MAFU feed technology means that you can make outlets with several tracks to meet very demanding capacity needs. The feeding systems are equipped with a suitable number of tracks depending on the customer’s capacity requirements.

MAFU has designed a feeding system with up to 45 tracks per feeding unit.

Presentation of the component

A special strength of MAFU technology is the ability to present separated and sorted parts on several tracks.

This makes it possible to meet very demanding capacity requirements for each feeding supply unit.

Simplier Springs

If there are springs that are closed ends and tight coils we can make standard bowl feeders that can work also, its up to the spring design what type of feeder that we can recommend.

If you are thinking about what type of feeder could be used for your particular product, contact us for a discussion

A selection of videos on sorting of springs from Mafu


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