Shaft conveyor

Specifik system for transport of shafts

The picture shows only one suggestion

The shaft conveyor is designed for shafts or rod-shaped parts with diameters from 2 to 45mm and lengths from 100 to 700mm in standard dimensions.

Parts are bundled and placed cross-wise on a sliding chute. For larger bunker volumes, a bunker belt is also provided. An oscillating screen separates the parts. The transition height is adapted to requirements. The filling height can be between 800 and 1000mm above floor level.

The left side wall is fixed. There is a quick adjustment between 100 and 700 mm to adjust the right side wall to the required parts length, or the walls can be designed to operate in mirror parallel. The oscillating screen can be adjusted to a shaft diameter from 2 to 45 mm using a “mm” scale adjustment screw. The oscillating screen has a pneumatic drive. A cycle time from 2.5 to 3.5 sec is supported. The maximum individual part weight is about 2 kg.

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