Centrifugal feeder

High speed feeding

The centrifugal feeders are made to be used for different geometries but are best suited for circular parts and high speeds.

The drive for the centrifugal disk is frequency controlled to be able to easily modify the speed of the respective parts.

Depending on the parts, you choose between mechanical, pneumatic and / or optical electronic vision sorting systems.

Centrifugal feeders are available in diameters 800mm up to 1500mm

If you are thinking about the type of feeder to be used for your particular product, contact us for a discussion


  • Here is an example where we sort inside the centrifugal feeder with vision.
  • We check if the snus lids are turned correctly before we release them from the feeder.
  • Cycle times approved lids around 150-160 lids per minute.

Areas of use

  • An example of feeders for the snus industry where we sort lids and cans.
  • The feeder is complete with a built-in bunker of 400 liters.
  • Siemens Failsafe PLC with HMI.