Bunker feeder

When you want to extend the capacity

Bunker feeders or hoppers as it is also called, we deliver according to your wishes and specifications.

We build and adapt to your space and together we try to find the capacity according to your needs.

An important tool when you want to reduce the presence of operators around the equipment, with the right bunker feeder you can extend the capacity of your production cell so that the operators can serve more cells.

If you are thinking about what type of bunker to be used for your particular product, contact us for a discussion

Special Bunker that lifts the details vertically straight up, practical when there is a lack of space.

Smaller bunker feeders that we usually mount directly on our vibration feeders.

One of our larger bunker feeders, practical when you want the production to go a long time between refills.

We deliver our bunker feeders with bunker belts according to what the parts require.
This can be anything from metal bands to “Food Grade” rated belts.


Produktspecifik information
mafu_-_conveyor_bin_system- WEBER BB bunker