Pallet tilter

Pallet tilter for pallets up to 2000kg

Pallet tilter for whole or half pallets, we manufacture the pallet tilter according to your needs in terms of what height you want to load the pallet and what height the pallet tilter should pour from the details.
If you want the details to be poured onto a conveyor belt or into a bunker, we can supplement with that as well.

Electromechanical pallet tilter

In our smaller series up to around 300 kg, electric actuators handle the movement of the pallet tilter.

Electric chain drive or hydraulic pallet tilter

in our larger series of pallet tilter, we have either electric drive via electric motor and chain, or hydraulic movement of the pallet tilter.
We can also build the pallet tilter into sound hoods that keep the sound down and secure the area with monitored lockable doors.

Pallet tilter with L type bunker

if you want to combine our pallet tilter with bunkers for other feeders, it works great.
here is an example of a pallet tilter that pours into a L shape bunker for further filling to suitable feeders.