IFC – creative force in feeding technology
“The whole is more than the sum of its parts.” According to Aristotle’s motto, IFC understands sorting – feeding – automating to be more than just adding up the individual components. From construction to production to assembly, there are various efficiency factors in assembly and handling technology that IFC can use in close cooperation with the user for the benefit of mechatronic-oriented feeding and quality testing technology.

IFC Intelligent Feeding Components GmbH has been using technologies for conveying, sorting, assembling, testing and feeding as well as robot-supported systems to professionally automate the targeted movement of piece goods of all kinds for over 15 years.

IFC has well-founded engineering experience in assembly and handling technology in the automotive supply and automotive industry, the electrical and electronics industry, metal and plastics processing as well as the medical, pharmaceutical and cosmetics industries. For IFC, the focus is always on systemic flexibility – from a low-cost automation solution to an assembly solution that grows with the company. There are no limits to technological creativity – including detailed refinements in the system design that further increase efficiency.

A selection of IFC's feeding systems

A selection of IFC's other systems