Conveyors from individual components to Euro Pallet

Here you will find a selection of our different types of track systems, these are just an overview of what is available or what we can build for you.

A proposal on conveyors for baskets or individual components. Whether it is  linear paths or transport in s-shape so we have most of them solutions.

A selection of runways and features

The rollers are in fixed positions they are driven by a chain mounted under a lid,
the chain is supported in plastic guides.

The drive shafts are mounted on the sides of the track and are mounted with ball bearings.
The surface of friction rollers can be coated with or made of steel or plastic.

The plastic coating is adapted to prevent damage to the workpiece surface.
The transported part can be easily stopped by hand.

We build and adapt modular conveyors to your requirements and specific needs.
Installation and adjustments for installation with you are always possible.

For simpler and lighter transports with motor drive in the middle or at each end.