Blind riveting

Rivet equipment from Binder

Feeder for blind rivets in this system come from Weber.

System for blind riveting

Technical data for the automatic riveting unit
The insert unit for blind rivets and sealing plugs from Binder Automation is available in two versions.
If you have special requirements, we are of course happy to adapt the inserting unit to your individual needs.

Traction: max. 18 kN
Traction length to breaking limit of mandrel: max. 20 mm
Standard feed strokes: 160 mm and 250 mm depending on version
Weight (without amplifier): about 11 kg
Weight booster with 1.5 m hydraulic hose: approx. 3 kg
Compressed air connection: 6 bar
Hydraulic connection: not required
Cycle time: less then 4.0 seconds (start-start)
Can be used: in all working directions, even with one-sided access.

If you are thinking about the type of tool that should be used for your particular product, contact us for a discussion