Assembly transfer system

Transfer system for workpieces up to 80kg

Transfer systems

Assembly line transfer systems are Stein’s passion and strength. We want to follow our customers’ workpieces along the assembly line as intelligently, accurately and safely as possible.

All STEIN systems have one thing in common: they guarantee our customers the best quality for their production. Our proven technology is available in different forms to meet different requirements.

Stein 300

STEIN 300 with individual components is the basis for successful production. To enable customers to go their own way when realizing their installations, all components and corresponding data are available in the “toolbox”. Plant designers and engineers can use them to create tailor-made solutions with all the possibilities of STEIN technology.

Our customers decide for themselves how far they want us to help them start STEIN 300. There are three options. If necessary, we deliver the individual components in STEIN 300 in such a way that the customer can configure and assemble it himself. It is also possible to order a complete system including installation of STEIN, but without an integrated control system. The third option is to provide a complete STEIN 300 with control system – the perfect all-inclusive version for customers where what counts is getting the system ready for operation quickly.

Stein 300e

STEIN promotes the trend towards electrification with STEIN 300e, which is based on STEIN 300. Instead of pneumatics, stops, transmission units or centering units are controlled via electric drive units. This is especially a great advantage for cleanroom applications. As an advantage, your production is more environmentally friendly.

Stein 500

Effective for heavy workpieces
Especially this efficient and secure solution impresses operators every day. The pallets do not collide, which prevents wear, vibration and noise even though the workpieces weigh up to 80 kg. Different products in different sizes can be transported simultaneously on a pallet.

Since STEIN LOGISTIC is able to identify the exact position of every pallet, the belt drive motors can be reg­ulated to ensure that there are no hard collisions and to prevent them from running when it is not necessary.

The intelligent system reduces the pallets speed before it hits a stopper latch and stops it softly. If the belt detects that there is no further need for transportation, it is automatically switched off. As it happens, this results in potential savings of up to 80 % in energy consumption.